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The AIMS project is building information management capacity in government and delivers information management services to organisations across Afghanistan. AIMS seeks to build appropriate skills in government to manage information management systems. AIMS seeks to exit from information system activities once capability exists within government to manage line activities with the specific information systems concerned.
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GeoBase is a mission critical system, which is developed and Maintained by AIMS. The objective of the GeoBase is to establish an activity tracking database or management information system .... more...

 GIS Users Community (GUC) in Afghanistan consists of a group of people who focus more on GIS related matters. The GUC is formed to promote data discovering, sharing, standards, dissemination and exchange of GIS related ideas and suggestions.  .... more...

AIMS Partners
As AIMS gains more momentum and moves towards becoming a sustainable organization, working with multiple partners both in the government and that of the international community becomes inevitable. AIMS has been able to establish its partnership with numerous.... more...

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