Most AIMS maps are based on sources such as the United State Defense Mapping Agency 1958 1:100,000, Soviet 1990 1:50,000, recent satellite imagery of varying resolutions or current survey data provided by different organizations. Additional layers may be created by using GPS data, surveys and assessments, client specific data or remotely sensed information. All maps are checked in-house for errors, and printed and distributed through our customer service section.
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v Standard Maps
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Standard maps are maps distributed by AIMS for the general public. Although they have a variety of uses they are not intended for any specific purpose or client. Standard maps typically represent physical features and/or administrative boundaries.

v Regional Maps
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AIMS has six Regional Offices in Central, Western, Northern, North Eastern, Eastern and Southern regions of Afghanistan.

v Custom Maps
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Most of the AIMS custom maps are produced for clients from different organizations for a specific purpose.

v External Resources' Maps
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AIMS is in contact with various UN organizations, where they provide us their products for publicizing through the AIMS website.
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